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About The Social Story Game

Story Block Toy and Dice Game

The Story Block Toy and Dice Game is designed for children and young adults to help improve their personal social interaction/communication skills and to generate conversation between players to help learn about each other’s lives. The Story Block Toy and Dice Game acts as a tool, with stories, to improve  social and communication skills commonly found to be deficient in people with Asperger's, Autism Spectrum Disorder or social/communication challenges.


Who Can Play?

The Story Block Toy and Dice Game includes stories for learning and teaching, and is ideal for those with Asperger's, Autism Spectrum Disorder or social communication challenges (support suggested for non-readers).   The Story Block Toy and Dice Game can be played independently, with peers, with parents and/or therapists.  There are many ways to play, for example, the dice game is intended to be played with adult participation to help facilitate score-keeping and organize players, interpret the rules and generally keep the group focused on the scope and intent of the game. Independent play includes sorting by attributes, reading the story, defining visual pictures.  Other games: 20-questions, Block-by-Block Charade Game, Hot and Cold Block Game, and Hide the Block Game, and the Quiz Game.

Because the game has been developed by professional educators, it is ideally suited to educational and professional settings such as schools or therapy clinics, within small groups or in therapy sessions one-on-one and with professionals such as teachers, speech pathologists, school psychologists or behavior specialists.  Parents and guardians can use this easy-to-follow game/toy in order to connect with their child or adult child, play with their child and teach them key social-communication skills while at home!  Parents can appreciate teaching their children or adult child key social-communication skills without the need of coaching from a professional and free of complicated instruction or methodology.  


Autism Spectrum Disorder Deficits:

The Game is ideal for learning key social/communication skills commonly identified in people diagnosed with Asperger's or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism affects 1 in 68 people and can interfere with social, communication and behavior sensory development. The Story Block and Dice Game was  designed with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual-5th Edition (DSM-5), and other reliable/valid Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment tools in mind in order to most effectively address key areas.


Story Block Toy and Dice Game backed by Science:

The National Autism Center has identified story-based interventions as an ESTABLISHED and EFFECTIVE intervention. The National Autism Center identify story based interventions as effective, along with dozens of researchers who have tested story-based interventions resulting in an effective research base.  

A FIRST EVER of its kind, the Story Block Toy and Dice Game incorporates stories in order to positively influence and reinforce desired social behavior and communication. Now you can finally play with your child or teach a child or young adult through play in therapy!

The Story Block Toy and Dice Game includes a set of six toy blocks:

            *Eye Contact


            *Spontaneous Initiation of Joint Attention

            *Reciprocal Social Interaction

            *Social Overtures

            *Facial Expressions


Playing with Story Block Toy and Dice Game for Learning:

The Game is ideal for learning everyday social and communication skills for people with Asperger's, Autism Spectrum Disorder or social-communication challenges. It is also ideal to address other play skills such as memory, matching, stacking, conversation starters, ice-breakers, twenty questions and much more!


Individual Block Details:

Each block is constructed of finished pinewood with slightly rounded corners and measures 6 cm. (approximately 2.5”) on each side in the form of a cube. For each of the six blocks, one skill is depicted by two unique pictures of life-like children acting out a social and/or communication skill in the form of a story. The name of the skill is printed as a label on two sides of the block. The skill is described in a story on one side of the block. The story describes and defines 6 unique skills that are commonly a challenge for people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or who have social-communication challenges.